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Florida’s Premiere Center for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT introduces pure oxygen to the body to encourage the natural healing process, helping you grow healthy tissue, fight off infections and prevent more cell damage in injuries.

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How HBOT can Help you

Faster wound healing and recovery
Improved blood flow and oxygen supply
Better oxygen supply to the body's tissues
Increased oxygen levels in the body

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that benefits many different medical conditions and diseases. By increasing the levels of oxygen in your body, HBOT helps the body in many ways. It stimulates new cell growth, stop bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune system, and so much more.

Which Benefit From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are only just being realized

A patient receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Allows oxygen to cross over into the brain, increasing the production and availability of neurotransmitters
Stimulates connective tissue cells which promote wound healing and new skin growth
Offers anti-inflammatory effects on the body
Aids in treating trauma and sports injuries
Triggers the healing response to radiation-induced injuries in the bones, soft tissue and organs
Inhibits the growth of some bacteria and kills non-oxygen tolerant anaerobic organisms
Increases the removal of foreign bodies from the bloodstream including bacteria, fungi, dead cells, and waste by-products

Doctor Allan Spiegel, MD

Enhancing Life, One Breath at a Time

As a neurologist, Dr. Spiegel has treated well over 40,000 patients. For 18 years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has played a major role in treating a variety of conditions. Every day he sees just how HBOT can change a person’s quality of life. He firmly believes that HBOT therapy is an effective and promising treatment method for a variety of medical conditions.

First discovered how effective HBOT was while researching ways to help my mother who had suffered a stroke. She underwent numerous traditional treatment options and was still not regaining control. I learned about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen for stroke patients and decided to bring a hyperbaric chamber into my facility.

Dr Allan Spiegel, MD
Having suffered extensively from concussion with decreasing energy, mood and cognitive memory loss I tried Hyperbaric as last ditch effort. Within 30 days I was rebounding with greater clarity and memory recall, sleeping better and feeling new strength.  For me this was an amazing success!  Can’t say enough good things about hyperbaric treatments, this facility and their vision to serve patients. This was my breakthrough!

Mark P.

My mother has been treating with Dr. Spiegel for a few months now and I cant say enough great things about all that his office provides. Not only is Dr. Spiegel so compassionate about his patients but also has the best staff. From day one they knew our name and made us feel so comfortable within his office. My mothers has seen great improvements to her memory decline while doing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  and Cognitive therapy within his office. After two weeks of treatment she already has improved more than I could imagine. She is reading books again and partaking in conversations she normally would not. Thank you Dr. Spiegel and staff for everything!

Nina Stewart

National Hyperbaric has been such a blessing in my life! I've had treatments for CRPS and tinnitus and have seen improvements for both! This treatment gave me hope when no other treatments did and I will always be grateful for all of the improvements I've made and all of the support from the faculty, as well. I highly recommend trying this treatment for anyone.

Dr. Spiegel and the staff at National Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center are 5 stars in my book!

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