A patient receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, you simply relax in a hyperbaric chamber while the oxygen does the work. To learn more about all the conditions that hyperbaric oxygen helps and how HBOT improves the lives of our patients, click HERE.

Every day we see patients come into our office in pain, dependent on pain pills, unable to walk, or suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. We love being a part of their treatment and watching how HBOT relieves their pain and gives them their life back. Learn more about how Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps our patients every day.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps Reduce Pain and Swelling in Patients with RSD/CRPS
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reduces Pain and Swelling From RSD/CRPS

In addition to pain, people with RSD/CRPS suffer from swelling, inflammation, skin discoloration, and lead to muscle atrophy and loss of movement. Increased levels of oxygen from HBOT help the body repair damaged tissue and begin healing. People see a reduction in pain, often able to eliminate the need for pain medications. Swelling and inflammation improve, muscles begin working and people are able to get back to life.

HBOT Works for RSD/CRPS After Many Other Treatments Fail

Suzie spent the last 6 years basically stuck in bed with pain from RSD/CRPS. After various failed treatments and surgeries, her doctor told her there was nothing more they could do. Then she found Dr. Spiegel and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After the first week of treatments, her swelling disappeared and she was almost PAIN-FREE. After treatments, she has almost made her goal and come completely off her morphine pump! See how HBOT can help change your life too!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Life Changing for Patients with RSD/CRPS

HBOT treatments for RSD/CRPS offer relief when so many other treatments fail. Patients often experience no more swelling, no more pain, and an increase in quality of life. Many patients receiving HBOT treatments can reduce or eliminate their need for pain medications. In addition, they see an increased range of motion and strength in the muscles. Finally, many are able to return to work and a normal everyday routine.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Gets Patients Walking Again

Pain, muscle weakness, and muscle atrophy are common for people living with RSD/CRPS. In many cases, people are confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk more than a couple of steps. HBOT gives them their legs back! Dr. Spiegel and National Hyperbaric staff love watching people take their first new steps after HBOT treatments.

Healing Heroes Network Helps Veterans Receive HBOT Treatments

Doug, a disabled military veteran, talks about how finding the Healing Heroes Network and Dr. Spiegel changed his life. After a diagnosis of RSD/CRPS following combat injuries, Doug found no relief from traditional treatment options. He learned about the Healing Heroes Network and HBOT and started treatments. As a result, he found a reduction in pain after just the first week of treatments. Now, he only experiences minor pain. In addition, his memory improved as well. Hear Doug's story and learn how HBOT can help you.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Gives HOPE to RSD/CRPS Patients

After receiving a diagnosis of RSD/CRPS, many people begin to lose hope. Doctors run out of ideas and traditional treatments fail. Many people worry they will never have a quality of life. They will always suffer in pain and they will be forever stuck in a bed or chair. As a result, many people avoid activities with family and friends. HBOT gives people that HOPE back. It gives them the ability to be active again. It gives them life one breath at a time!

When RSD/CRPS Takes Life Away HBOT Gives it Back!

Jennifer was a mom of three young children when she had a vaccine that triggered RSD/CRPS. She quickly lost control of her life. Trouble swallowing, severe pain, complete loss of legs, severe tremors, very touch sensitive, vision issues and so much more. After trying treatment after treatment, she was close to giving up! Her husband found Dr. Spiegel and National Hyperbaric and, as a result, after 5 weeks of treatment, she has her life back! Watch her dance at the end!

Stroke Survivors Can Regain Quality of Life with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Recover Limb Function Lost From A Stroke with HBOT

Loss of limb function or paralysis often occurs after a stroke. While therapy can help, many still suffer from the loss of function. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy floods the brain with 100% oxygen, helping damaged tissue repair. This often helps and even reverses stroke-related paralysis. For example, listen to how Ron regained the use of his right hand and foot after oxygen treatments.

Stroke Victim Sees Improvement After Three Days of HBOT

Strokes block the oxygen supply to areas of the brain. If not restores, this contributes to cell death. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 100% oxygen to the brain. This helps the brain heal and repair damaged tissue. As a result, speech and memory improve, mobility increases, limb paralysis improves, and much more. We celebrate each victory as we watch a patient’s self-esteem, dignity, and economic stability return with HBOT.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Stroke in the News

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is FDA approved for 14 conditions and most insurances cover it. However, there are many more conditions that show positive results with HBOT treatments, such as stroke and RSD/CRPS for example. While not covered by insurance, many patients are seeing amazing results from HBOT and National Hyperbaric.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps the Brain Heal in People with Traumatic Brain Injury
Babies Born with Oxygen Deprivation Benefit from HBOT

During labor and delivery, complications can occur. In many cases, these complications disrupt the flow of oxygen to a baby's brain. Known as hypoxia, this lack of oxygen to the brain can result in long-term disabilities or developmental delays. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy floods the brain with 100% oxygen, helping the brain repair damaged tissue. For example, listen to little Zachary's story and how he is improving.

Post-Concussion Syndrome Heals with Oxygen

As many as 3 million sports- and recreation-related concussions occur every year in the United States. While these brain injuries often heal with time and rest, many can experience post-concussion syndrome months or years later. As a result, they experience brain fog, severe headaches, and poor sleep. Hyperbaric oxygen helps the brain heal from these injuries and, as a result, most patients see their symptoms disappear. Listen to this boxer's story and see how HBOT can help you regain control of your life again.

Oxygen Repairs the Brain After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Your brain needs oxygen to function and repair damaged cells. HBOT floods the brain with 100% oxygen, allowing it to heal, even years after an initial TBI. Restore your memory, concentration, and regain your quality of life. For example, listen to Nathan and his story. As he says, "This is the first time in a long time that I've been hopeful enough to start thinking about long-term goals!"

The Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease is Slowed or Reversed with HBOT
How Hyperbarics Helps Down Syndrome and Dementia

Healing Dementia with Hyperbarics

Dr. Oz Discusses HBOT for Alzheimer’s

Dr. Oz's guest Dr. David Perlmutter discusses how Alzheimer's disease is inflammation in the brain and how a healthy diet high in good fat, exercise, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help reduce the inflammation. In addition, he discusses how the brain demands a lot of energy and that energy comes from oxygen. HBOT delivers high levels of oxygen to the brain and can help treat and improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

HBOT Kills  the Organisms Responsible for Lyme Disease
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Lyme

Hyperbaric Oxygen Gives Life Back to Lyme Disease Patient

After years of failed treatments, many patients with chronic Lyme disease struggle to find help. Between pain, fatigue and other symptoms, daily life becomes near impossible. Hyperbaric oxygen, or HBOT, kills the organisms responsible for Lyme, ending symptoms and giving life back to patients. Listen to how HBOT helped treat Mega's Lyme disease and, as a result, how she was able to get back to her life.

HBOT Helps Our Patients with Non-healing Wounds Heal Much Faster
Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT Reduces Wound Healing Time By Months

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is FDA approved for treating non-healing wounds. This patient had a wound on her leg and was told by her doctors it would take over 6 months to heal. With HBOT, her leg wound healed in less than 6 weeks. As a result, she was able to get back to an active life sooner and reduce her risk of infections and complications.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is FDA Approved for Radiation Necrosis
Radiation injuries and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Cancer Induced Radiation Necrosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Chemo Induced Neuropathy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Radiation Necrosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treats the Side Effects of Cancer Radiation

As a cancer survivor, you have fought through many different treatments, including radiation. Unfortunately, while radiation is great at killing cancer, it can damage healthy cells as well. This damage is radiation necrosis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is FDA-approved to treat radiation necrosis and help your body heal from the damage. For example, listen to this cancer survivor's story on how HBOT changed his life!

HBOT Returns Quality of Life to Patients

Tammie speaks about how radiation treatments for breast cancer caused so much pain and took away her ability to drive. She drives past another hyperbaric facility near her home just to visit Dr. Spiegel and his team for her treatments. They have reduced her pain and given her back the ability to drive. In addition to helping her pain, Tammie found that hyperbaric oxygen helped improve her skin condition and reduce her allergies.

HBOT Treats Radiation Necrosis Long After Cancer Radiation

Radiation treatment works great at killing cancer cells. On the other hand, it also works at killing healthy cells. Radiation necrosis can occur years after cancer treatment ends, but hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an FDA approved treatment. Listen to Jack's story of how HBOT helped him 11 years after cancer treatment.

HBOT Helps Treat Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Find Relief for Mitochondrial Dysfunction with HBOT

Patients with mitochondrial dysfunction struggle daily with a body that doesn't have enough energy to function. When the mitochondria in the cells don't work properly, the body doesn't work. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy and, as a result, new and healthy mitochondria form. As a result, many patients, like Summer in this video, can say goodbye to medications and often experience remission.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Reduce Pain in Fibromyalgia
HBOT Reduces Pain and Increases Quality of Life for Fibromyalgia Patients

Doctors still don't know what causes fibromyalgia. But, we do know that there is some sort of malfunction with the neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are responsible for pain, thus explaining the increased pain fibro patients experience. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 100% oxygen to the brain so it can repair and heal. This helps reduce pain symptoms and increase the quality of life.

HBOT Gives Life Back to People with Autism
Treating Autism with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 100% oxygen to the brain, helping it heal and repair. As a result, this healing reduces symptoms and helps increase language and communication in patients with autism, increasing their quality of life. Take the next step and see what a difference it can make for you or your loved one! Hear Patty and Jonathan's story!

HBOT Improves General Health and the Aches and Pains Associated with Aging
Boost Your General Health with Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen isn't just for illnesses and chronic medical conditions. In fact, regular HBOT treatments can help improve your general health, reduce signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and help with everyday aches and pains. With this in mind, listen to long-time patient Bob and how HBOT helps him every day!

HBOT and Down Syndrome
How Hyperbarics Helps Down Syndrome

HBOT for Pre and Post Surgery
Benefits of Pre and Post Hyperbaric Therapy for Surgical Healing